Happy Day! The angels have blessed your life with a darling little baby girl or boy who is the centre of your very being, and now, it is time to introduce your little one to the spiritual family who will love, cherish, and guide your child through life. Herald your baby’s formal introduction into your church with a meaningful & beautiful christening party, where your little angel will join the scores of Divine others who are a part of God’s family. Whether you browse online or spend time pouring through the christening invitation selection in your local card store, you will be presented with a variety of options to set the theme of this important occasion in your child’s life.

Impressive Invitations Little Lamb Square w/ Magnet in Sky Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

Baby Animals on Christening Invite Designs

One of the most powerful images associated with Christ is the “Lamb of God”, He who so gave so willingly and compassionately of Himself to liberate the world. Your baby is the picture of innocence and guileless wonder, which can be celebrated with christening invitation designs that feature adorable fluffy lambs as part of the embellishment. Many christening invites capture the Baby Jesus surrounded by loving barn animals that clustered around Him to receive His blessing. You can expand on this theme by featuring little lambs on the christening invites as well as the cake, decorations, and other elements of your christening celebration.

Simple & Cute Christening Invitations

The colours you choose on your christening invitations will make a lasting and memorable impression on all your guests. Decide if you want simple lines and elegant designs for a dash of grace and elegance, a reminder of the solemnity of this spiritual occasion. Or if you want to go with a cute baby animals theme on your christening invitations, decide if you want cartoons of these dear little creatures or if you simply want white animal silhouettes outlined on pink, blue, or mint green backgrounds. If you choose a white or ivory background, pair these elegant backdrops with black or brown lamb silhouettes for a striking contrast.

White for Purity, White for Innocence

White is the colour of purity and innocence, and for a theme that focuses on little lambs, this is a great option for christening invitations. You can even have little white stuffed lambs adorning the tables of your christening celebration, and cupcakes with lambs depicted on the icing are a great option if you want a unique alternative to the traditional christening cake.

Rejoice! Heaven has blessed your lives with a smiling little bundle of joy who will fill your days with love and laughter. Now, it’s time for the little angel to enter your church as a child of the divine through a beautiful Christening celebration. Capture your baby’s angelic smile on your christening invitations, which will bring gladness to all your guests who are part of this miraculous event.

Impressive Invitations Little Dove DL Postcard in Pastel Blue Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

The Herald Angels Sing on Christening Invitations

In lieu of actual angels heralding the birth of your baby, your christening invites can evoke the same sense of happiness and joy in your guests. In addition to the popular motifs of crosses and stars that grace most Christening invites, you can also go with an angelic theme and insert a photograph of your little divine one, an enchanting reminder of an angel in the flesh. You can include your baby’s picture as part of the christening invitation itself, or the picture can accompany the christening invite on its own.

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing special christening invites that feature your baby girl or boy. Elegant swirls or simple stripes are another option, with a range of magical pastel colours to choose from, if you don’t want your christening invitation to reflect the traditional “pink for girls, blue for boys” theme. Pale yellow and charming salmon are more options to consider when designing your perfect christening invitations.

A Poem from the Heart – Personalized Christening Invites

When you have chosen the ideal layout for a truly special and memorable christening invitation, what comes next is the wording. You can choose simplicity and provide your guests with the “when and where” details of this joyous event. Or, make the very moment of opening the christening invite truly special, and include a beautiful poem straight from the heart on your unique christening invitation. Browse online for some special quotes to inspire your christening invite. Choose a meaningful biblical verse or consider including a spiritual quote from your favourite preachers and thinkers. Perhaps you can even ask your church leader for guidance on choosing the perfect set of words to grace your special christening invitations.

Whatever you end up choosing, a meaningful verse or poem for your christening invite conveys the breathless wonder that the birth of a child brings to your lives and your loved ones.

A little dove told us that you’re planning a christening. Congrats! It’s a fun and exciting time for all involved. Instead of the traditional christening invitations we see at every sort of these events, why not design and create a new set of invitations that is out of the box and creative? Dove christening invitations are a dainty, beautiful little twist on your traditional invitations. Everyone will definitely love these invites.

Impressive Invitations Little Dove Postcard in Pastel Pink Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

Choosing Your Christening Invites

A little baby is about to be Christened; and your first step is to let your guests know! Instead of the traditional Christening invites with the baby carriage, crosses and water symbols; so why not choose invites that are different, cute, and unique? Doves are symbol of peace and purity, just like your little buddle of joy; why not implement that into your christening planning and theme?

The Little Extras

Have you ever opened up an invitation and noticed that the host or hostess has spent extra time on the invitation to make it more special and personal? Remember how welcome and invited you felt? These dove Christening invites will look great with extra touches and add-ons as well. You can add little tree appliqués, buttons, stick-on polka dots, or even little pearls or lace borders if you’re inviting friends and family to the Christening of a little girl. These extra touches will make your invites memorable and guests will love them!

Colour Scheme

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what colour scheme should be used for christening invites, but we usually see pastels as the colour palette for an event like this. While there are plenty of dove Christening invites in the light pastel colours, you can also choose something a little trendier. Vintage-inspired colours are very popular right now and they can be used for this event as well. Mint green, coral, brown or even an elegant ivory can be used with the design of your adorable dove Christening invites.

 “The Dove, on silver pinions, winged her peaceful way.” – James Montgomery

The design of an invitation says so much about the event you’re looking to have. It depicts the theme and ambiance that your event will have; allowing guests to get an inside look at the style and elegance of your Christening. Your christening invitations will look elegant should you choose to use ornate borders on the invitations.

Ornate Borders for Christening Invites

Borders can really serve as the designs themselves on an invite. Their intricate designs and patterns are great design elements on your Christening invitations. You can have your borders work with a variety of Christening themes; ideas include scrolling, stripes, scripted font, calligraphy and more.

Little Dove Postcard in Pastel Green Baby Invitations

Enjoying your Special Day

While you might find yourself getting into the hype of planning and prepping for the Christening, remember to enjoy the event and savour each moment with your friends, family and of course—your baby! Remember to take a deep breath and savour the moments and memories. It’s a time to celebrate the indoctrination of your child into your church, a time to make memories, and a time to witness your baby’s special moment with your closest friends and family.

Heaven's Treasure Postcard in Lolly Pink Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

Preparing for Your Christening

Preparing and planning for a Christening can be stressful as there’s so much to do and you’re also dealing with the responsibility of a newborn baby on top of everything else. Stay focused and calm; make detailed check lists and to-do lists so that you can stay on task and organised. When it comes time for the special day, savour all of the memories and enjoy your baby’s Christening, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for your baby!

A baby’s christening is a beautiful occasion for every family and group of loved ones. It’s a time to celebrate bringing your newborn into the church, making a profession of faith with the family and allowing everyone to partake in the celebration of it. Your baby girl’s christening is a fun event to plan, and can be done with feminine christening invitations.

Heaven's Treasure Postcard in Lolly Pink Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

Your Christening Invitations

You should pick out your christening invitations as you begin to prepare and plan for this event, so that the invitations can allow you to depict the rest of the theme for the event. Once you choose your invites, and order them, you should plan on sending them out four to six weeks before the christening. It’ll allow guests to make travel plans and ensure they can make this affair.

Feminine Christening Invitations

You can pick one from an array of pick feminine christening invite themes that work best for your style or desired christening theme. Pink is of course, a popular colour for any event for a baby girl; and can be used easily for an event like this. Some ideas include lace, pink crosses, pearls, or your religious symbol, verse, or saying written in pink. Your guests will love and appreciate the different themes aside from the traditional blue theme that everyone uses for a baby’s christening regardless of the gender. So think outside the box, and take advantage of the fabulous style you get to use because you have a baby girl.

You can use your invitation idea for the rest of your christening event as well; with the menu, décor, cake, take-home-gifts, and more. Step away from the traditional boring Christening theme and colour scheme, and pick something different—there are plenty of feminine christening themes to pick from, enjoy the planning!

A christening is one of the most special and momentous occasions in a baby (and their parents’) lives. It’s a time to celebrate bringing a baby into this world and their commitment to the church. If you’re christening a baby girl, pearls are a great addition to your event you’re planning.

Using Pearls on Christening Invites

Pearls add a fabulous touch to an array of invitations, even christening ones! This is a wonderful addition to your child’s Christening invitations as they add elegance and class in a very tastefully simple way. You can use these to add-on to the invites or use around the border on your Christening invites.

Pearls for Your Christening

Your invitations don’t have to be the only thing that you use pearls with for your baby’s Christening. Pearls can be used in the floral arrangements, on the tables for décor, or even edible pearls on the cake or cupcakes. Traditionally baby pearls are given after the Christening as well, but they will look beautiful on not only the Christening invites, but the rest of your child’s special event as well. Remember that you’ll want to keep this event classy, low-key, and double check with décor rules for your church.

Enjoying your Special Day

While you might find yourself getting into the hype of planning and prepping for the Christening, remember to enjoy the event and savour each moment with your friends, family and of course—your baby! Remember to take a deep breath and savour the moments and memories. It’s a time to celebrate the indoctrination of your child into your church, a time to make memories, and a time to witness your baby’s special moment with your closest friends and family.

From pearl Christening invitations, to the cake, to the décor, it’ll all come together and be perfect for your baby’s christening.

A christening is a special representation of bringing your baby into the church or religious institution you’re a part of. So what a special blessing it is, when you are celebrating the Christening of TWO little ones?!? Yes, how exciting it is to be preparing for the christening of twins, with twins themed christening invitations with ‘doubles’ kept in mind!

Impressive Invitations Peekaboo Square w/ Magnet in Lolly Lavendar Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

Christening Invitations for Twins

Planning for a christening is a joy to do as a parent, and even more fun as you plan for it for twins! There are several invitation themes and designs that can work well for twins. You can stick to traditional ideas and colour schemes as well, or try to go a little more creative. Find a design that has “ two” of the object: ideas being two crosses side by side, two peas in a pod, or two animals side by side (like the Bible story of Noah’s Ark “ they came two by two”).

Christening Colour Schemes And Themes

It doesn’t matter if there are one or two babies when it comes to colours; you can choose whatever colours you want that work best for the twins’ event and style of Christening. Some prefer traditional, while others do not. Traditional colours include the baby blue scheme, a style that works for both genders regardless if they are twins or not. Dress up these invites with things like lace, pearls, decals, and more.

Enjoying the Day

Planning a Christening can be a stressful time, especially with two babies on your hands! Don’t forget to stay organised, set up task lists and to-do lists and delegate work for the celebration you can trust others to help you with. People love to help for these events, especially your friends + family, so take them up on their offer to help!

Be sure to also take pictures of the big day, soaking it up as much as you can! Enjoy every moment, and a congratulations from all of us as you celebrate the christening of your TWO bundles of joy!

Planning and preparing for a Christening or Baptism is one of the highlights of a parents’ life after they bring home their little one. As they send out christening invitations, it gives them a chance to show off their new baby while honouring their family’s religious traditions and the importance of bringing their little one into the church.

Choosing Your Invitations

After you set a date for the baptism or christening, you’ll want to start sending out invitations relatively soon. Choose a theme or style for your invitations and the event itself by asking yourself a couple questions. Do you want this to be a classic or more modern event? Are you looking to bring in religious insignia or symbols for the event? Do you want a traditional christening or baptism, or more of a fun, casual celebration? Once you answer these questions, you can start looking for invitations online or in store.

Impressive Invitations Little Dove DL Postcard in Pastel Pink Baby Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

Baptism and Christening Designs

The sky is the limit with what you choose for your baptism and christening designs. You can choose modern designs such as little blue birds, baby animals, or if it’s a girl you’re christening – a lace like design. For either gender, you can also go with a religious design with items such as a cross, Jesus fish, cherub or angel. Popular colour schemes with Christening and Baptism invitations include blues, pastels, or ivory and silver. You can of course choose a brighter colour scheme but these are the colours traditionally used. Send your invites out four to six weeks before the event, or eight weeks if most of your guests are coming from out of town so they can make travel arrangements.

Christening Memories

After the Christening or Baptism, it is tradition to have a lunch, brunch, or dinner planned. Continue with the same theme and style for the luncheon as well to streamline the design and vision you have for this event. Decorate the tables, church hall, and have the cake correlate with your baptism or christening invitations.

How are you preparing for your child’s Baptism or Christening?

Impressive Invitations Little Lamb Square w/ Magnet in Sky Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

A christening is an important and beautiful time for everyone. It’s  not just a time to celebrate the life that has been brought into this world, but also a time to celebrate the religious indoctrination of your beautiful baby into the church you hold so close to your heart. A christening is a time of celebration, joy, laughter, and the honour it holds in bringing a child into your religious organisation.

Religious Symbols

Religious symbols are an important part of the church and religious doctrine. Symbols like the Jesus fish, cross or stained glass windows are just a few of the symbols and insignias that churches use as they prepare and decorate for a christening.

Christening Invitation Colour Schemes

Christening invitations come in a variety of colours, but many of them have particular colour schemes that work well for either a baby boy or girl, a variety of churches and all seasons of the years. Ivories, neutrals, and baby blue or baby pink colour schemes are common colour palettes that work well for your baby’s christening invitations.

Planning a Christening

Planning a christening for your new baby is a fun, but busy time. After you choose the christening invitations with religious themes or otherwise, you’ll need to mail them out four to six weeks before the event. After those are sent out, you can then begin discussing with your family or significant other the menu for the Christening luncheon, party decorations, or post-Christening event that coincides with your religious background and culture. Perhaps you’ll want your decorations to have these religious symbols that were on the invitations; using them on the tables, cake or even for your guests’ christening luncheon favours.

Planning a christening is a fun and memorable time for your closest family, friends and most importantly yourself. Treasure these moments, take photos, and enjoy your child’s christening!

A baby’s christening ceremony is a momentous occasion. This special and memorable occasion should be given the most upmost respect and thought when planning the Christening ceremony.

Impressive Invitations Little Birdie DL Postcard in Lolly Blue Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

Cutesy Invitation Inspirations

Creating a cute, adorable christening invitation is simple and easy to make once you have the necessary supplies. You’ll need cardstock or paper that is thick enough for an invitation. This can be purchased at a local store or online. You don’t have to be cheesy to be cutesy, either. Choose fun things like tiny teddy bears, baby animals, or cute little graphics or storybook characters that work well with this time of theme. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make it “cute”, either! Anything soft and babyish can be turned into cutesy!

Modern Design

The wonderful thing about going more modern with a cutesy theme instead of traditional, boring Christening invitations is the fact that you have many options, style, colours, and designs. After you have chosen a basic colour, template, and design that works well with the Christening and modern flair, choose an elegant yet modern font to go with this as well. Scripted or handwritten fonts are very popular with this style and keep the tone of this event still the formal, respectable event it is. You can emboss or print the information on each invitation in a font colour or even style that is still elegant but has some “fun” curves to each letter. If ordering your invitations online or through a printer, make sure you look at all the options they have for fonts, backgrounds, and layouts. Remember once again that through all of the “cuteness” we’re adding to these Christening invitations, it’s important to keep it respectable and classy as well since this is a religious celebration and event.

The Christening Event

Once you have the invitations picked out, the rest of the Christening planning is easy to follow and fun to work on. Many churches provide an event associate to assist with guiding you on the planning and preparing. A lunch event is usually planned following the Christening as well. This can be a simple brunch or an elaborate meal, and is totally up to you. Just be sure you make the tables and décor as cute as your baby christening invitations we’ve been working on!

These invitation types are affordable, trending, and an adorable alternative to the traditional standard Christening invitations.

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