One of the most important milestones in your baby’s religious journey is his or her christening ceremony. To celebrate your baby’s christening ceremony, as parents you would undoubtedly want to include your family members and closest friends who have been a part of your baby’s journey from conception and this starts with sending out the christening invitations.

Common themes used for christening invites includes birds, especially doves, lambs, crosses, stars usually accompanied a photograph of your baby against a background of pink or blue or even a pastel shade of green, off-white or purple or even an image of a church. Each of these motifs are accompanied by its unique connotation to the Scripture so be sure to select what you think is best to be used on the christening invitation.

Christening Invitations: The Cross

Some even say that a christening invite is incomplete without a cross. The choice and positioning of the cross on the christening invitation is at the discretion of the parents, but it is often considered a must-have image.

Christening Invitation: The Bird

Christening Invitations Bird Christening Invites

Usually a dove on a christening invitation symbolises peace, tranquillity and serenity and is used as a standalone image or perched atop a cross. A dove, as per the Scripture too represents peace and love, just like your soon-to-be addition.

Christening Invitation: The Lamb

Christening Invitations Bird Christening Invites

The lamb is noted as a symbol of innocence and purity in Christianity; what better way to celebrate your baby’s christening ceremony if not for an image of lamb on the christening invitation?

Christening Invitation: The Borders

Christening Invitations Bird Christening Invitations

Most of the traditional christening invites, unless you opt for something light hearted is white, serene and calming. The borders too would be ornate and capture the essential details of the christening invite within the frame. An elegant border can define a design whilst adding a classic appeal to your christening invitation.

It is not a necessity, but a picture of your baby on the christening invitation is sure to not only complement the invite but also make your guests feel extra special. With a recent picture of your baby, your family and friends will have the christening invitation speak to them and even personally invite them to celebrate the occasion with you and your baby.

The best part of choosing a theme-based christening invitation is the ability to also continue using the theme on the rest of ceremony decorations, including the tassels and favours.


Raising a family is hard but rewarding work, but at times, it’s hard to make sure that all your expenses are managed properly, especially with the need for diapers, formula and all the other things involved in raising a child. When raising your little one in a life of faith, you’ll need to plan his or her christening, and with it you can easily get yourself budget friendly christening invitations that will allow your family to enjoy this wonderful occasion without worrying about the costs too much.

Impressive Invitations Christening Baptism Baby Naming Day Invitations Themes Inspiration

There are many types of budget friendly invitations you can select depending on your liking. Let’s look at each option, shall we?

Affordable Christening Invitations

This is one of the easiest and most hassle free options to choose when you want to save on your budget and your time too. Not only will it be a professionally done up invitation design that you can customise such as adding your own invitation wording, to even adding personalised names and addressing information to each invite as per the guests as is done by the best invitations retailers in the business. Pick your favourite christening invitations with its affordable price tag and customise the wording to fit in your little babe’s name and event information. If you are hosting a small gathering after the ceremony, include this little bit of information in the wording as well.

DIY Christening Invitations

This is ideal if you have the time and want to save on your christening ceremony and party budget as well. Make sure that you’ve got all the necessary materials at hand including tools you’ll need to get the look you desire. This can include everything from paper stock to card stock, pen, pencils, scissors, cutters, glue, embellishments, stamps, engraving tools, embossing powders and much more. Some parents like to add a photograph for a keepsake element, and are greatly received by the invitees too. If you are handwriting them, make sure you prepare yourself for a good sitting of writing and also take precautions against blotting against your palm. If you are planning on printing out the christening invitation template, then make sure you test some out on normal paper to get the right scale and fit. If you can’t decide on a look, try a few designs and layouts and ask your family for their opinion before setting out to do a whole bunch.

Each and every little thing matters, especially when it comes down to the budget, so make it count with your budget christening invitations.

It’s a time for joy and happiness, and time for you to welcome your newborn babe into a life of faith that has been a comfort to you in all the years you have been alive. It’s time for your baby’s very own christening ceremony, with a reception party surrounded by your family and closest of friends. Prepare yourself for the day’s activities by sending off christening invitations to request the presence of your loved ones on this day that will mark your baby’s first milestone in his or her religious journey. There are many designs to choose from, but a popular favourite are the christening invitations inspired by doves.

Christening Invitations Inspired by Doves | Symbolic Christening Invites | Impressive Invitations

The Symbolism of Doves

A dove, pure white in colour is the vision of beauty and elegance. It has represented the likes of peace, love and messengers through the ages, but in Christianity, it specifically symbolises love and peace. According to the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, it is said that a dove was released after the great flood to find land and it returned carrying an olive leaf. In some Christian iconography, the dove also symbolises the Holy Spirit. Therefore, you’ll find doves as a welcome design element in many Christian and Catholic religious ceremonies, as well as imagery too.

The Difference between a Christening & a Baptism

Often, people wonder what the difference between a christening and a baptism really is. They are essentially the same, with a subtle difference, where the naming ceremony for a baby is referred to as a ‘Christening’, whereas a ‘Baptism’ refers to one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. When designing invitations for either a christening or a baptism, the only difference you may find will be the term where as the designs or styling will hold similarities such as a dove accompanied by an emblem of the cross.

Different Styles of Dove Inspired Christening Invitations

There are many styles and designs for you to choose from when you are picking out your christening invitations (or your baptism invitations). Whether you are selecting a design from your favourite invitations retailer or you are thinking of doing it yourself, doves are a perfect addition. Whether the christening invitation designs feature a dove perched on an intricate Christian cross or inside a dainty birdcage, or in flight, these will definitely convey the intended message of peace and love that is definitely associated with the christening of your little babe!

 Looking for the perfect christening invitation? Let the experts help you. Celebrating the first milestones of your baby’s life plays an important role in their formative years and their very first memories.  These early years are often remembered with extreme fondness and unite family, friends and loved ones. Designing a tasteful christening invite will lead the way in setting the overall feel of this grand day. Remember that the christening of your baby is just as important as their first birthday.

Impressive Invitations Christening And Baptism Invitations

The right christening invitations play a large role in making this moment unforgettable they are often added in to picture albums and baby books as an unforgettable milestone. When you decide to christen your baby, there is often a church service followed by a small gathering or reception to celebrate. The invitations will let your guests know where and when the christening is, and who is hosting the event.  Over time this trend has changed to include even the godparents and grandparents .All in all it’s a wonderful time to celebrate life.

Today, the variety of christening invitations are available ranging from traditional or modern, or Celtic designs to name a few. Based on your preference you can include photos or multiple pictures and combine them together so they match your precious ones personality. Symbolic christening invitations are also gaining popularity, not only for religious connotations but to symbolize the sanctity and the purity of the event.

 While most prefer the traditional blue and pink choices for boys and girls, respectively choosing neutrals with a subtle metallic touch is also gaining popularity as an alternative choice for modern parents and couples. Using an elaborate card stock with a slight dusting of glitter and using sweet embellishments such as ribbons and bows can add a little more sparkle to the affair.

The invitation wording used for the christening invite also is an equally important factor that leaves a memorable impression. Often a spiritual verse, a biblical hymn, or even a simple blessing is added to articulate the information. Creating a unique christening invite will help you, refine the theme or the feel of your baby’s christening. Giving you ideas on décor and even the design of the cake, making it a family event to be remembered and cherished through generations. Reinforcing the greatest gifts life offers love, unity and family, a truly blessed affair indeed.

Let the laughter and joy ring from the eaves on high: it’s time to christen your little angel of light! Let the Lord be a witness to a heavenly Christening ceremony and wonderful reception that will welcome your little one into the Divine fold of Christ. This means that you will want to create the perfect christening invite that will charm all your guests when they receive it!

Impressive Invitations Christening Invitations

Christening Invite Motifs: Crosses, Churches, Lambs, & Stars

There are a wide variety of popular themes you can explore when thinking about what makes the ideal christening invitation for this very special occasion.

Crosses are a popular, and, some would say, necessary icon to grace all christening invitations. There are a variety of cross designs you can choose from to set the right tone, depending on the type of invitation you choose. Ornate crosses with filigree trims trailing from the top are beautiful to grace classical christening invites. On the other hand, you could go with a basic cross if your christening invitation is simple yet elegant. Celtic crosses are another way to go for a unique touch on your special christening invitations, especially if you’re Irish!

Images of churches are beautiful ornaments to grace your christening invitations, and can serve as a lovely backdrop. Choose from a background of a spectacular cathedral, or for a less formal yet spiritual finish, a hand-drawn church will feature just fine!

One of the most enduring motifs of the christening is the Lamb of God, the sacrifice of Christ to save the world. Thus, lambs are a popular icon in christening decorations, as these adorable creatures summon the innocence of your new born as well as the sacred symbol of Christ the Saviour

Stars are an elegant symbol used in christening invitations for those who want a departure from tradition, yet want to retain the spirituality of the event. You can think of a star motif as pointing to the Star of Bethlehem, which led the Magi to the Holy Birth on Holy Night.

Baby Photos on Charming Christening Invitations

No christening invitation is complete without a beautiful photograph of the guest of honour: your beautiful, bouncing baby girl or boy! Browse through the millions of pictures you’ve taken of your little angel and choose the most adorable one to summon your guests to the first of many meaningful celebrations of your baby’s spiritual journey!

Hallelujah! Let the celebrations ring from up high and on earth; God has blessed you and your loved ones with a darling little angel who will forever illumine your lives! The family that prays together is saved together, so now the time has come for your little darling to be welcomed into your church through a beautiful and moving christening party. There are so many themes and motifs you can use for your little one’s most sacred day, so read on to discover more about some of the popular options that parents are choosing for their christening invitations, decorations, themes, and more!

Little Crosses & Little Stars – A Universe of Christening Invites!

A popular option for christening invitations and parties is the cross motif, the sacred symbol of Jesus Christ. Most traditional christening invitations feature this iconic symbol, usually alongside a photograph of baby to signify his or her blessed in the eyes of Christ. Some christening invites even feature little stars to go with the cross, symbols of the star the Magi followed to Bethlehem to witness the birth of the Christ child. Render these enchanting stars and crosses on a dark blue background to symbolise a night sky, and your christening invitations will create a wondrous effect for all your recipients. You can feature a cross-shaped cake for the party, decorated with charming trims of pale blue or pink for a lovely finish. And if a cake is heavy fare, you can even feature little cross biscuits, perhaps with baby’s name etched in colourful icing!

Impressive Invitations Christening Invitations

Manger Friends – Little Lambs Christening Invitations

The birth of Christ always features a scene of adorable barnyard animals clustered around the Christ child, for His blessing, which makes these little creatures popular figures in christening invitations and parties. Little lambs are a prominent feature of a christening invite that departs from tradition, but still evokes the wonder and innocence of a Christian birth. You can feature lambs in all aspects of the celebration, from the food and the shape of the cake, to the decorative garlands that will grace the party room. Perhaps the smallest touches, from the candles to the napkins can feature lambs as an endearing reminder of your little one’s innocence and purity, a welcome lamb into the fold of God.

Most importantly, remember to have fun as you plan the perfect Christening party for your baby!

Happy Day! The angels have blessed your life with a darling little baby girl or boy who is the centre of your very being, and now, it is time to introduce your little one to the spiritual family who will love, cherish, and guide your child through life. Herald your baby’s formal introduction into your church with a meaningful & beautiful christening party, where your little angel will join the scores of Divine others who are a part of God’s family. Whether you browse online or spend time pouring through the christening invitation selection in your local card store, you will be presented with a variety of options to set the theme of this important occasion in your child’s life.

Impressive Invitations Little Lamb Square w/ Magnet in Sky Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

Baby Animals on Christening Invite Designs

One of the most powerful images associated with Christ is the “Lamb of God”, He who so gave so willingly and compassionately of Himself to liberate the world. Your baby is the picture of innocence and guileless wonder, which can be celebrated with christening invitation designs that feature adorable fluffy lambs as part of the embellishment. Many christening invites capture the Baby Jesus surrounded by loving barn animals that clustered around Him to receive His blessing. You can expand on this theme by featuring little lambs on the christening invites as well as the cake, decorations, and other elements of your christening celebration.

Simple & Cute Christening Invitations

The colours you choose on your christening invitations will make a lasting and memorable impression on all your guests. Decide if you want simple lines and elegant designs for a dash of grace and elegance, a reminder of the solemnity of this spiritual occasion. Or if you want to go with a cute baby animals theme on your christening invitations, decide if you want cartoons of these dear little creatures or if you simply want white animal silhouettes outlined on pink, blue, or mint green backgrounds. If you choose a white or ivory background, pair these elegant backdrops with black or brown lamb silhouettes for a striking contrast.

White for Purity, White for Innocence

White is the colour of purity and innocence, and for a theme that focuses on little lambs, this is a great option for christening invitations. You can even have little white stuffed lambs adorning the tables of your christening celebration, and cupcakes with lambs depicted on the icing are a great option if you want a unique alternative to the traditional christening cake.

Rejoice! Heaven has blessed your lives with a smiling little bundle of joy who will fill your days with love and laughter. Now, it’s time for the little angel to enter your church as a child of the divine through a beautiful Christening celebration. Capture your baby’s angelic smile on your christening invitations, which will bring gladness to all your guests who are part of this miraculous event.

Impressive Invitations Little Dove DL Postcard in Pastel Blue Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

The Herald Angels Sing on Christening Invitations

In lieu of actual angels heralding the birth of your baby, your christening invites can evoke the same sense of happiness and joy in your guests. In addition to the popular motifs of crosses and stars that grace most Christening invites, you can also go with an angelic theme and insert a photograph of your little divine one, an enchanting reminder of an angel in the flesh. You can include your baby’s picture as part of the christening invitation itself, or the picture can accompany the christening invite on its own.

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing special christening invites that feature your baby girl or boy. Elegant swirls or simple stripes are another option, with a range of magical pastel colours to choose from, if you don’t want your christening invitation to reflect the traditional “pink for girls, blue for boys” theme. Pale yellow and charming salmon are more options to consider when designing your perfect christening invitations.

A Poem from the Heart – Personalized Christening Invites

When you have chosen the ideal layout for a truly special and memorable christening invitation, what comes next is the wording. You can choose simplicity and provide your guests with the “when and where” details of this joyous event. Or, make the very moment of opening the christening invite truly special, and include a beautiful poem straight from the heart on your unique christening invitation. Browse online for some special quotes to inspire your christening invite. Choose a meaningful biblical verse or consider including a spiritual quote from your favourite preachers and thinkers. Perhaps you can even ask your church leader for guidance on choosing the perfect set of words to grace your special christening invitations.

Whatever you end up choosing, a meaningful verse or poem for your christening invite conveys the breathless wonder that the birth of a child brings to your lives and your loved ones.

A little dove told us that you’re planning a christening. Congrats! It’s a fun and exciting time for all involved. Instead of the traditional christening invitations we see at every sort of these events, why not design and create a new set of invitations that is out of the box and creative? Dove christening invitations are a dainty, beautiful little twist on your traditional invitations. Everyone will definitely love these invites.

Impressive Invitations Little Dove Postcard in Pastel Pink Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

Choosing Your Christening Invites

A little baby is about to be Christened; and your first step is to let your guests know! Instead of the traditional Christening invites with the baby carriage, crosses and water symbols; so why not choose invites that are different, cute, and unique? Doves are symbol of peace and purity, just like your little buddle of joy; why not implement that into your christening planning and theme?

The Little Extras

Have you ever opened up an invitation and noticed that the host or hostess has spent extra time on the invitation to make it more special and personal? Remember how welcome and invited you felt? These dove Christening invites will look great with extra touches and add-ons as well. You can add little tree appliqués, buttons, stick-on polka dots, or even little pearls or lace borders if you’re inviting friends and family to the Christening of a little girl. These extra touches will make your invites memorable and guests will love them!

Colour Scheme

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what colour scheme should be used for christening invites, but we usually see pastels as the colour palette for an event like this. While there are plenty of dove Christening invites in the light pastel colours, you can also choose something a little trendier. Vintage-inspired colours are very popular right now and they can be used for this event as well. Mint green, coral, brown or even an elegant ivory can be used with the design of your adorable dove Christening invites.

 “The Dove, on silver pinions, winged her peaceful way.” – James Montgomery

The design of an invitation says so much about the event you’re looking to have. It depicts the theme and ambiance that your event will have; allowing guests to get an inside look at the style and elegance of your Christening. Your christening invitations will look elegant should you choose to use ornate borders on the invitations.

Ornate Borders for Christening Invites

Borders can really serve as the designs themselves on an invite. Their intricate designs and patterns are great design elements on your Christening invitations. You can have your borders work with a variety of Christening themes; ideas include scrolling, stripes, scripted font, calligraphy and more.

Little Dove Postcard in Pastel Green Baby Invitations

Enjoying your Special Day

While you might find yourself getting into the hype of planning and prepping for the Christening, remember to enjoy the event and savour each moment with your friends, family and of course—your baby! Remember to take a deep breath and savour the moments and memories. It’s a time to celebrate the indoctrination of your child into your church, a time to make memories, and a time to witness your baby’s special moment with your closest friends and family.

Heaven's Treasure Postcard in Lolly Pink Christening Invitations & Baptism Invitations

Preparing for Your Christening

Preparing and planning for a Christening can be stressful as there’s so much to do and you’re also dealing with the responsibility of a newborn baby on top of everything else. Stay focused and calm; make detailed check lists and to-do lists so that you can stay on task and organised. When it comes time for the special day, savour all of the memories and enjoy your baby’s Christening, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for your baby!

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