It’s your baby girl’s first important religious milestone and it is vital that you start sending out the christening invitations as early as possible. If you are an early bird, then it is only a matter of giving your stationer of christening invite designer the date, place and time, once you have spoken to the church and decided on the matter. However, if you are not among the early birds and constantly find yourself running around to organise last-minute parties, keep reading as we may have a few christening party ideas and christening invitation design inspiration that might help you pull things together on time.

Christening Party Ideas for Baby Girls

First thing is for sure, the colour of the christening invitation has to be pink. In the event of your daughter disliking the colour, do opt for something less candy-coloured, however a guaranteed last-minute life saver for christening invitations for girls is the colour pink. It tells guests attending the ceremony whom they should bring presents for and be sure to expect a lot gifts that are pink!

Christening Party Ideas for Baby Girls

Next thing you need to be alert of when designing christening invitations is the religious symbols. There are a few “traditional” religious symbols that are used for christening invites namely: crosses, doves, lamb and any other appropriate images symbolic of peace, prosperity and innocence. These symbols can be set against either a single coloured baby pink background or a subtle print embodying the christening invitation.

Christening Party Ideas for Baby GirlsAnother quick tip for effective christening invitations is to include a picture of your baby. It doesn’t have to have been specifically captured for the christening invite but perhaps you may have a picture of the little one that was taken in the hospital or a moment that was captured by a loved one who stopped by to visit the new-mother and daughter. Either way, it is an ideal way of having very elegant christening invites and also a great last minute plan for those who haven’t decided on designs, themes etc already.

As christening parties usually follow a little reception of sorts, it is best to speak to your caterer and get a range of cupcakes and finger-food that go in accordance with the theme and all things pink. Good luck with the organising!

Your little one is about to embark on their first most important religious adventure, his or her christening and it is vital that you decide on the theme and relevant christening invitations well in advance. If you are used to planning well in advance, keep reading and you might find a christening party theme that might help you draw inspiration to design the christening invitations.

Christening Invitations for Boys

Choosing A Theme For Christening Invitations & Party

Christening invitations for boys are, but not exclusively, in the shade of blue. It’s always tonnes of fun to play around with gender-specific themes and colours and apply them to christening invitations as this gives the hosts of the party, you, the parents, more space and freedom to explore with the theme.

If the christening invitations are blue, then do make sure that you have blue bunting and blue cupcakes and it’s always fine to go a little over the top.

Christening Invitations for Girls

Choosing A Theme For Christening Invitations & Party

If blue is boys then it has to be pink for the little ladies. While the overall design will still remain delicate and subtle, the christening party decorations and other theme related accessories, stationery and favours would all be pretty in pink.

As in the case of the boys’ christening invitations, do have little pink princess cupcakes and sweets and helium balloons in the reception area of the christening party.

Gender Neutral Christening Invitations

Choosing A Theme For Christening Invitations & Party

If in the case of fraternal twins or you may have just designed the christening invitations before the baby was born and you were unaware of their gender, it is always a good choice to opt for gender neutral christening invitations. These could be in soft light shades of brown, lavender, green, yellow or any other colour of choice that does fall under the traditional categorisation of “blue” and “pink”.

Religious symbols for christening invitations however remain the same despite the gender of the baby, theme or colour. The most commonly used symbols are the dove, crosses, lamb and other motifs that are representative of peace, innocence and purity.

It is always a good idea to have the picture of your little one accompany the christening invitation, as it is undoubtedly a more personal and warmer gesture. Your family and friends attending will definitely be touched by the sentiment and some might even preserve it as a keepsake souvenir.

The first religious milestone of your baby is approaching and for the Christening invitations as parents you both are determined on two things: it should be modern and the typography should be one of the highlights of the christening invite. If you are still looking for last minute inspiration ideas, keep reading as we provide you with a few that might fit the bill.

A few other details we highlight through the next few paragraphs  also includes the insertion of religious symbols, christening invitation colours, use of monograms and subtle patterns for the borders of the christening invites.

All caps

Modern Christening Invites using Typography & Monograms

While most assume that having all caps on the christening invitation would be rude and loud, it is a guaranteed method in which you could let your guests know the name of your baby, especially if they are bringing personalised gifts for your baby with his or her name engraved.


Modern Christening Invites using Typography & Monograms

Playful font for your baby’s christening invite is always a safe option especially if you are designing the invitations ahead of time. The chances of going wrong with playful typography are little to none and is a generic option for most christening invitations.


Modern Christening Invites using Typography & Monograms

As parents, if you have already decided that your baby’s christening will be elegant and dominated by white and equally lighter shades, then an elegant font on the christening invite that is secured with delicate borders is essential.

While typography plays an important role to make the christening invitations look better, segments such as borders, monograms, religious symbols too are equally important. A border with a monogram print or subtle patterns is a definite way towards a prettier christening invitation. Religious symbols too are important to mark the first religious step in your baby’s journey ahead. These could include crosses, doves and lambs indicating peace, prosperity, piety and innocence. Further, if you have already revealed the baby’s gender before the birth of the baby, then by all means do go to town with the colours for the christening invites with a touch of blue for boys and pink for girls.

Congratulations on your new arrival and it is no doubt that the baby is sure to make a world of a difference to the both of you. But before your lives get busier and days longer, it is almost time for your baby’s christening and to get started, it is important to send out christening invitations, inviting friends and family to be with you as your baby takes his or her first religious milestone.

One of the first things that you need to decide on when designing your baby’s christening invitations is undoubtedly the colour. If it’s a boy stick to blue and if in the event of a baby girl, then a pink, however if you want to stay neutral and not go ahead with the mainstream colours, then shades of lilac, green, brown, yellow etc are acceptable. Listed below are a few options for you when using religious design element in christening invitations.


Using Religious Design Element in Christening Invitations

The first most commonly used religious design element in christening invitations is the cross. A cross becomes symbolic of your baby embracing the religion and also acts as an indicator for those who receive the christening invitation.


Using Religious Design Element in Christening Invitations

Sheep are the perfect religious symbol for your baby’s christening invitation as they’re milky white and moreover a universal symbol of innocence. Sheep are ideal religious symbols to use on christening invitations for both boys and girls alike.


Using Religious Design Element in Christening Invitations

As sheep were to innocence, doves are to peace and prosperity. Your new born baby means change for you, your immediate and extended families, friends and colleagues. Having doves on the christening invitations also act as a symbol of good health, peace and prosperity for your baby, family and well-wishers.

The best part about incorporating religious design elements in your christening invitations is that they are not gender bias. Hence, if you are the super-organised sort who plans for things ahead of time, you could have your christening invitation design decided on even before the baby is born, along with birth announcement cards and personalise it with the relevant colour and an image of your new born, soon after he or she says hello to the world!

Congratulations on the birth of your precious little one! One of the most important things to do as part of your child’s religious journey ahead is your baby’s christening. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when sending out those christening invitations to friends and family that you want to be present at the ceremony.

Christening Invitations: Tip One

5 Tips on Christening Invitation Wording

The baby’s name is of course the first and most important tip with regard to christening invitation wording. If you have not sent out birth announcements upon the arrival of the baby, this would be the first time family and friends who have not seen the baby yet get to know your baby’s name.

Christening Invitations: Tip Two

5 Tips on Christening Invitation Wording

Religious symbols on the christening invitation are the second most important thing to keep in mind. The most used symbols include crosses, doves and lambs  which all denote innocence, purity and sincerity.

Christening Invitations: Tip Three

5 Tips on Christening Invitation Wording

Another tip for your baby’s christening invitations is the colour. If it’s a girl then it is advisable to use pink and a boy, blue. However, if you intend on designing christening invitations before the birth of the baby and have opted to keep the gender of the baby a surprise, then it is best that the christening invites are designed in gender-neutral colours of green, lavender, brown, yellow or any other suitable pastel shade.

Christening Invitations: Tip Four

5 Tips on Christening Invitation Wording

An optional tip for your baby’s christening invitations is to use a picture of your little bundle. Some of the guests attending might be seeing your baby for the first time and perhaps including a picture would be a gesture where you show them a picture of your baby before they head over to the ceremony, while also giving  close family members a memorable keepsake to treasure.

Christening Invitations: Tip Five

The final tip for christening invitations is to include the all-important RSVP details but given that this is in fact the little one’s big day, you may want to add a spin to the traditional method in which it would be done. Hence, instead of the usual “RSVP” followed by a contact number include a line that says “Sandra (or your baby’s name) is looking forward to seeing you there and would be disappointed if you don’t show up!” Remember that after all, it is the little one’s big day!

Congratulations on your precious little baby boy! The first most important thing to do is to set the course to your baby’s religious journey ahead. Given that you have a boy, it’s only natural that you look into different shades of blue. There are three main options you could look at for your baby’s christening invitations including ones that are solid coloured, printed and with pictures of your baby boy.

Solid Coloured Christening Invites

Unique Christening Invitations for Boys

Solid coloured christening invitations could either be in light or dark shades of blue. The christening invites could even have elaborate typography or delicate borders securing the text in place.

Printed Christening Invites

Unique Christening Invitations for Boys

If you want something blue with a bit of a twist that is not entirely solid coloured, then printed christening invitations is what you are looking for. Inspiration ideas would include plaid or checked prints, bubbles, stars or any other print you want to design your baby boy’s christening invitation with. However, it is important that you have a solid coloured background for the text area, as text on a printed background is difficult to read.

Christening Invites with Pictures

Unique Christening Invitations for Boys

If most family and friends attending your baby boy’s christening ceremony are yet to see the new arrival, it’s always a good idea to have a picture of your son on the christening invitation. The picture could be on the side of the christening invite or even on top just above the text. Christening invites with pictures could also be delivered in the form of postcards, as opposed to a traditional invitation format.

Once you’ve decided on your christening invitations, you will also have a general idea on what you could do for the little garden party that follows the ceremony. This is  optional, but if you were opting for tea and biscuits for your guests, little blue cupcakes and little snacks that also coincide with the theme of invitations would be a great place to start.

When printing your christening invitations, be sure to include religious elements such as  crosses, doves or sheep that are  representative of peace and innocence, symbolising your baby’s pious journey in the years ahead.

Christening and baptism ceremonies are two of the most important events that earmark your baby’s religious journey in the years ahead. Since you would want to invite family and friends to witness this momentous occasion, be sure that you send out christening invitations so they would save the date for the ceremony.

Inspiration ideas for christening invites can usually be either blue or pink, depending on your baby’s gender. However, if you are the type of parents who want to opt for neutral christening invitations because of fraternal twins or to step away from the mainstream look, keep reading as we give you christening invitation ideas and inspiration.

Christening Invites using Pastel Shades

Neutral Christening Invitations

While pink is for girls and blue is for boys, lavender could be used for both genders! A soft shade of lavender stock paper decorated with two ornate borders that support the frame of the christening invitation are a perfect choice for neutral christening invites. Play around with the typography and experiment with cursive print to add an elegant touch to your baby’s christening invitation. However, if lavender is not entirely your colour, other neutral colours for the christening invitation include green, yellow, orange and so on.

Christening Invites with Sheep

Neutral Christening Invitations

A sheep in Christianity is symbolic of innocence, purity and gentleness. Having a sheep on your baby’s christening invitation is not only symbolic, but is also very child-like. You could also opt to have doves, crosses or any other religious symbol you find appropriate printed on the christening invitation.

Christening Invites with Patterns

Neutral Christening Invitations

If you are looking for something completely out of the box, then having christening invites with a gingham pattern is probably something you would want to look at. The colours could continue to remain gender neutral at teal and yellow or any other colour you would find most appropriate.

Your baby’s christening is very important and distributing christening invitations in advance requesting your family and friends to be a part of the ceremony, even more. If having stock coloured, traditional christening invitations that are pink and blue are not for you, be sure to browse for what’s in and what you could experiment with and be sure to have a christening invitation that would also be a keepsake souvenir depicting the start of your child’s religious journey ahead in the years to come.

Celebrating your baby’s christening is important as it marks the first step of your child’s religious journey in the years to come. Having a Christening party to mark the occasion is an ideal way to make your baby’s christening, a memorable one. Having the perfect christening invitation is one of the first things required for you to announce your baby’s completion of the first spiritual milestone.

Christening Invitations for Boys

Christening Parties

If it’s the christening ceremony is for your baby boy that calls for many a reason to play around with the various shades of blue on the christening invite. These christening invitations could also contain a recent picture of your baby or even be set against a delicate blue background with a cross and a bird on it. Your ceremony too could have cake pops, cupcakes and little flags that would become true blues of your christening invitation.

Christening Invitations for Girls

Christening Parties

On the other hand, if the christening ceremony is to take place for your little girl, there are no boundaries set to the umpteen number of “pinks” available, from salmon pink to baby pink to rose that would make pretty your baby’s christening invitation. The christening ceremony too could include pink paper decorations, favours, balloons and pink-icing cupcakes to match the pink on your baby’s christening invitation.

Other Ideas for Christening Invitations

Christening Parties

Perhaps you have twins, a girl and a boy, or you opt to remain gender neutral and not go overboard with the colours for the christening invitation. A soft shade of yellow, green, lilac or any other pastel shade would also look great on your baby’s christening invitation. The christening invite could be framed with an ornate border and contain images of birds, sheep, stars and crosses. Accordingly your decorations could also be of the same colour and even have little birds hanging from the ceilings. Your party favours could include a pocket Bible or little memento with some stationery as the same paper stock of you christening invitation, wrapped up in a cloth bag with a bow across.    Moreover, depending on the colour of your baby’s christening invitation, you could also have party packs of the same colour with some easy printing done on it.

Your baby’s christening is an important part in his or her life. Having the perfect christening invitation is the first step to ensure this for both your baby and you both.

One of the first milestones you would want to record in the spiritual journey of your new arrival is his or her christening ceremony. The best way this ceremony could be made special is to add that extra drop of sentiment with a memorable christening invitation. There are a few ways your baby’s christening invite could be made special and that is by delicately picking and choosing the colour, typography and most importantly a design or photograph to add to the sentiment.

Christening Invitations with Colour

Memorable Christening Invitations

Most christening invitations are usually pink or blue in nature, given the sex of the baby, but not exclusively. Other pastel shades of a light hue of yellow, violet, green or even a completely unexpected dash of surprise such as teal or turquoise could also be used. The main goal is to ensure that your baby’s christening invitation is memorable and sentimental.

Christening Invitations with Typography

Memorable Christening Invitations

Christening invitation typography too, comes with endless options. There are choices between a standard italicised font to an all caps more formal font or even a childlike font with curves and embolden edges.

Christening Invitations with Design or Photographs

Memorable Christening Invitations

Perhaps the most important feature on your baby’s christening invitation is the intricate design or your baby’s picture that would be affixed to it. Most christening invites have a subtle pattern set against a pastel shaded background and added to it the intricately carved out borders with delicate designs. The designs on the christening invitations could be used on the borders or even against the text of the invitation.

These christening invitations also come with images of lamb, crosses, stars, doves or any other Christian symbolism depicting innocence, peace, purity and so on.

Another way to make your baby’s christening invitation more sentimental is to affix a recent photograph to it. Your guests may not have seen your baby as yet and this maybe the first picture that they would and would undoubtedly be a delightful bundle of joy to see your baby’s smiling face on their very own christening invitation.

All of these features together are bound to create the perfect invitation for your baby’s christening ceremony and your guests are sure to hold on to this christening invite as a keepsake memory of something they were a part of and were able to share with you and your family.

One of the most important milestones in your baby’s religious journey is his or her christening ceremony. To celebrate your baby’s christening ceremony, as parents you would undoubtedly want to include your family members and closest friends who have been a part of your baby’s journey from conception and this starts with sending out the christening invitations.

Common themes used for christening invites includes birds, especially doves, lambs, crosses, stars usually accompanied a photograph of your baby against a background of pink or blue or even a pastel shade of green, off-white or purple or even an image of a church. Each of these motifs are accompanied by its unique connotation to the Scripture so be sure to select what you think is best to be used on the christening invitation.

Christening Invitations: The Cross

Some even say that a christening invite is incomplete without a cross. The choice and positioning of the cross on the christening invitation is at the discretion of the parents, but it is often considered a must-have image.

Christening Invitation: The Bird

Christening Invitations Bird Christening Invites

Usually a dove on a christening invitation symbolises peace, tranquillity and serenity and is used as a standalone image or perched atop a cross. A dove, as per the Scripture too represents peace and love, just like your soon-to-be addition.

Christening Invitation: The Lamb

Christening Invitations Bird Christening Invites

The lamb is noted as a symbol of innocence and purity in Christianity; what better way to celebrate your baby’s christening ceremony if not for an image of lamb on the christening invitation?

Christening Invitation: The Borders

Christening Invitations Bird Christening Invitations

Most of the traditional christening invites, unless you opt for something light hearted is white, serene and calming. The borders too would be ornate and capture the essential details of the christening invite within the frame. An elegant border can define a design whilst adding a classic appeal to your christening invitation.

It is not a necessity, but a picture of your baby on the christening invitation is sure to not only complement the invite but also make your guests feel extra special. With a recent picture of your baby, your family and friends will have the christening invitation speak to them and even personally invite them to celebrate the occasion with you and your baby.

The best part of choosing a theme-based christening invitation is the ability to also continue using the theme on the rest of ceremony decorations, including the tassels and favours.


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